My name is Debby Lucken, I’m based in Poole, Dorset. I offer dog training sessions using positive, modern and ethical dog training methods.

My incredibly strong love for dogs lead me to become a dog walker and dog boarder first, to then realize I wanted to learn more about our furry companions. I have qualified as a dog trainer with the IMDT in London, under the expert guidance of Top Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, Steve Mann.
I was accepted as part of the world-famous Pet Behaviour Counsellor, Sarah Whitehead’s Inner Circle.

I am also an OCN externally accredited dog trainer.

I am fully insured and committed to continue my professional development, by keeping up to date with the latest discoveries on dog psychology and methodology, which is why I regularly attend classes, seminars and conferences on dog training and behaviours delivered by the best in the field, such as Victoria Stilwell, Dr. Hare (Duke Univeristy), Linda P. Case, Sarah Whitehead and Steve Mann.

Memberships include:
IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)
Sarah Whitehead’s Inner Circle
The Pet Professional Guild British Isles (membership number 41115711)

For more information about the IMDT, please go to

Background qualifications and experiences:

July, 2016 – 2-day Career as a Dog Trainer, IMDT with Steve Mann

September, 2016 – 4-day Practical Instructor Course, IMDT with Steve Mann

October, 2016 – Perfect Puppy Course, IMDT with Steve Mann

November, 2016 – Membership Assessment, IMDT

November, 2016 – Signals of pre-emptive aggression, webinar with Sarah Whitehead

December, 2016 – OCN external accreditation as Dog Trainer

January, 2017 – Dog emotion and cognition Diploma, Duke University, Coursera

March, 2017 – Top 3 myths dot-to-dog communication webinar with Sarah Whitehead

April, 2017 – Canine nutrition seminar with Dr Nick Thompson

June, 2017 – Canine Behaviour and Acoustics, webinar with Patricia McConnell

August, 2017 – Pet Professional Guild Membership (membership number 41115711)

August, 2017 – Rethink puppy socialisation, webinar with Sarah Whitehead

October, 2017 – Sarah Whitehead’s Inner Circle conference on Fear in Dogs

October, 2017 – Canine nutrition and science, workshop with Linda P, Case

January, 2018 – Inside your dog’s mind, course with Victoria Stilwell

January, 2018 – Dogs & Kids, webinar with Elizabeth O’Shea and Sarah Whitehead

January, 2018 – Noise sensitivity and Phobias course, IMDTB with Dave Brice

June 2018 Scent Work mini workshop with Pam Mackinnon

June 2018 National dog Behaviour Conference with Victoria Stilwell, Sarah Fisher, Dr. John Bradshaw, Jo Pay, Chirag Patel, Sian Ryan

July 2018 The shocking risks of high-value resource guarding by Sarah Whitehead

July 2018 Rethink Socialisation for puppies by Sarah Whitehead